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Our private club has bought wholesale a portfolio of more than 1 million hotels in reservations, in hundreds of car rental agencies around the world, activities in all cities where we have hotels in stock and we know something very important to you, that by giving you the true lowest price of any public page in the world.
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All those benefits and more, you can do it with any of the Full Master Memberships.
Yes, you can acquire any of our Memberships, MINI MASTER, MASTER OR FULL MASTER and enjoy the Great Benefits that only with Mastryoshka Travel you will obtain.

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You will never pay a single penny*, more for your life time membership, no monthly, annual or maintenance fee, this is precisely one of the disruptive ideas is changing the rules of the game and the way of doing business in the travel industry.

* Applies for MINI MASTER and MASTER Memberships.
Always … if they travel with you, if your family or friends are going to travel independent of you, they have to acquire their own Membership, since it is personal.

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